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  • These are offensive. If you offend easily, DON'T READ THESE!

    This is the kind of joke that when you tell one, it's not funny, but after four or five, they're hilarious!
      What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs...
    • ...who losens hex screws? Allen
    • ...hanging on a wall? Art
    • ...under a car? Axel (Or Jack)
    • a mailbox? Bill
    • ...floating in a pool? Bob
    • a field of marijuana? Bud
    • ...on the bottom of a pool? Dewayne
    • a bank? Buck
    • ...and no head? Chester
    • a tiger cage? Claude
    • ...on your shoulder? Chip
    • ...and his friend hanging around a window? Curt 'n Rod
    • ...with a spade? Doug
    • ...without a spade? Douglas
    • a barbecue? Frank
    • ...under a microscope? Gene
    • your spice rack? Herb
    • ...flying over the fence? Homer
    • the trunk of a car? Jack
    • a GMC? Jimmy
    • the bathroom? John
    • ...impaled on a stick? Lance
    • ...on a porch? Matt
    • ...on a piece of paper? Mark
    • ...on a stage? Mike
    • ...who's shaving? Nick
    • a hole? Phil
    • ...trying to hold up a bank? Rob
    • a gully? Rocky
    • ...on a hill? Roland
    • a pile of leaves? Russell
    • ...waterskiing? Skip
    • a hot tub? Stu
    • a lingerie drawer? Teddy

    • What do you call a gal with no arms and no legs...
    • ...between two buildings? Ali
    • ...on a tennis court? Annette
    • ...on a fence? Barb
    • a bag? Carrie
    • your sink? Dawn
    • ...on a dirt road? Dusty
    • ...floating on a pond? Lily
    • a sewer? Flo
    • a frying pan? Pam
    • ...hanging on a clothes line? Peg
    • ...between two slices of bread? Patty
    • a vase? Rose
    • ...rolling around on a beach? Sandy

      What do you call a gal with one...
    • ...leg? Eileen
    • ...leg who is asian? Irene

    • What do you call a deer ...
    • ...with no eyes? No Eye Deer (No Idea)
    • ...with no eyes and no legs? Still No Eye Deer
    • ...with no eyes, no legs, and no genitalia? Still No F*##*?! Eye Deer

    • What do you call a dog with no legs and steel balls? Sparky!

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